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Wildlife Health

Injury Prevention & Awareness kits

The #1 cause of injury to wildlife is human activity. These injuries are largely preventable, a lot of animals get hurt by things we don’t even know we’re doing. This design’s goal is to make people aware of things they can do in their daily life to make a difference and have an impact on wildlife


Examination of an injured falcon at O.W.L


My first step of this project was to observe and learn from the experts. I made visits to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres around Vancouver and reached out to talk to professionals in biology & wildlife research across Canada.


I had the privilege of getting to interview some of the staff at O.W.L (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) and the Wildlife Rescue Association. There are dozens of organizations that have spaces where animals are rescued, treated, rehabilitated and sent back into the wild. 

Here's what I learnt from the experts: 

I had set out to design a tool or piece of equipment to make these people's lives easier, or make the animals more comfortable. However I quickly realized that preventing these injuries in the first place was where the biggest impact could be made. 

How can we prevent injuries?
How do we let people know?

Education for Awareness! I chose to pinpoint different audiences by sharing information in 3 different places. Here are the final designs:

more details here...

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