Neighbourhood Parklet Project

In a city where the weather keeps us indoors instead of running into each other, this project provides an opportunity for connections to be made in a natural and safe environment across seasons and demographics.


ParcWay is a parklet designed for use by all residents of a neighbourhood street in all weather.

What is a parklet?

a parklet is a miniature park that occupies one (or two) parking spaces. They usually contain seating, landscaping and often a variety of other unique amenities.

Parklets in North America are generally used in conjunction with local businesses on main roads, to create more vibrant and lively spaces in areas of high foot traffic. 

What if we used parklets on our residential streets?

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are not uncommon in cities, including Vancouver.

Surveys done by the Vancouver Foundation in recent years show that these feelings are growing. People find it hard to make new friends and don’t interact with their neighbours, partly because they simply don’t see them.

Can parklets thrive on our front yards and help us meet our neighbours?

Can they be designed to get people outside in all weather, not just on sunny days? 

Let's make our city streets a friendlier place to be

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“The trust of a city street is formed over time from many, many little public sidewalk contacts...

Most of it is ostensibly trivial but the sum is not trivial at all.”

Jane Jacobs