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Design Research & Photography

This is a photo series that I worked on during the initial stages of my parcway project. I began that project with the goal of connecting neighbours- a goal that was inspired by the hundreds of interactions I had already had while taking photos of dogs on the streets of Vancouver over the past few years. So for this set, I took photos of both the dogs and their owners and used this opportunity to start a conversation with my neighbours around how they feel about the area we live in. 


“Oh it totally makes a difference, cause people talk to you if you have a dog, otherwise nobody talks to you, nobody will look at you”


"People have changed though a lot in the area, it used to be a lot more friendlier, a lot of people are still in a rush, you know"


Unlike years ago, when people knew everyone within a block radius and felt a greater sense of community and belonging, we are increasingly feeling cut off from those around us.


How might we design our world and intervene so that we reconnect, even amidst booming cities?

Check out @raindoggos on instagram to see more dogs of Vancouver

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