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Food Sustainability Design

The goal of the "Second Life" project was to reduce food waste, by creating a product that encourages people to reuse their own food scraps. 
Through extensive experimentation and trial and error, this project led to the creation of a recipe to make seed starter pots out of your very own used coffee grounds. 


Inspired by a designer who had used whole orange peels to create containers, I experimented with blended orange peels, peanut shells, coffee grounds and egg shells combined with different biodegradable binding agents such as oil, corn starch and potato starch.


I found that the right combination of coffee grounds and potato starch worked the best and held together, after being cooked in the oven with a muffin pan. I would like to further develop a mini pot sized pan so people can make their very own seed starters

coffeepot instructions.png

Over a billion tonnes of food is wasted around the world every single year. That's roughly 30%-40% of our food supply. "Coffeepot" is a design that seeks to facilitate small habit changes in our daily lives that make a difference, much like composting. It's important to be mindful consumers and as a designer I want to explore simple solutions much like this one. 

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