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I have lived on the West Coast most of my life. Moving from Nanaimo to Victoria to Vancouver, I have always been interested and aware of how people exist and behave in these similar yet unique places. I enjoy using my camera to create interesting images, and as an excuse to interact with the people (and dogs) around me. I appreciate the sense of community it has given me by creating an opportunity to chat with strangers. 


I have incorporated these interests into my design practice and seek to connect people in cities and generally make the world a happier and healthier place to be for humans and non humans alike. 

more about me

Who is Kaitlin?

I consider myself a maker in many areas, whether it be a designer, photographer, illustrator or anything else that might currently interest me and fit a project's needs. 

I'm passionate about people and investigating how to make the world a better place to be for all living beings.

For a list of my skills & education please check out my resume

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